Dental Lab Services

A Variety of Services, Each with Personalized Care

Your clinical needs are fulfilled with precision and ease at Crown World Dental Lab, and our personalized care is just the beginning. We put convenience and affordability at your fingertips, with a range of services including BruxZir® Solid Zirconia, Obsidian®, IPS e.max®, full-cast restorations, and Comfort H/S Bite Splints — all with no delivery fees.

To further amplify your efficiency, we adhere to tight turnaround times: just three days for BruxZir cases and five days for all other lab services. Plus, your cases benefit from the support of our field technical advisors, who work to uphold accuracy and streamline your casework every step of the way.

BruxZir® Solid Zirconia is the most prescribed brand of full-contour zirconia.

BruxZir® Full-Strength

BruxZir® Full-Strength Solid Zirconia is the most prescribed brand of full-contour zirconia. The material’s unique composition has well documented research from Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report® and The Dental Advisor proving superior clinical performance and translucency compared to competitors of its class. First launched as being “More Brawn Than Beauty,” the material was originally intended to provide a durable, more esthetic alternative to posterior metal occlusal PFMs or cast gold restorations for demanding situations like bruxers, implant restorations and areas with limited occlusal space.


BruxZir® Esthetic is the latest advancement in the BruxZir Solid Zirconia product line.

BruxZir® Esthetic

  • Optimized combination of strength and translucency
  • Lifelike vitality, engineered for the anterior
  • Enhanced shade matching for predictable results

BruxZir® Esthetic Solid Zirconia is a new category of dental zirconia made possible by years of research & development. Advanced colloidal processing animates BruxZir Esthetic zirconia with high-performing strength and lifelike translucency, and superior shading technology renders enhanced shade matching and consistency for even more beautiful results. Named in Dentistry Today’s Top 100 Products in 2018, BruxZir Esthetic zirconia is a revelation for anterior cases and further proof of why BruxZir Solid Zirconia is the No. 1 prescribed brand of full-contour zirconia.

BruxZir Esthetic zirconia is ideal for anterior crowns & bridges.


Obsidian dental restorations deliver premier esthetics, lasting function and precise fit.


Obsidian® lithium silicate ceramic is a state-of-the-art material system that supports a comprehensive range of restoration indications and categories, with both pressed-to-metal and all-ceramic versions available. Designed and manufactured with the latest digital technologies, Obsidian restorations deliver premier esthetics, lasting function and precise fit. This extensive material system allows dental professionals to easily match the lifelike vitality of natural dentition, even for cases that call for multiple types of restorations.


Prescribe IPS e.max to achieve optimal esthetics.

IPS e.max®

IPS e.max® is made of monolithic lithium disilicate ceramic and delivers outstanding esthetics and precision fit. Prescribe IPS e.max to achieve optimal esthetics, virtually perfect contacts and occlusion, and impressive strength. Its unique lithium disilicate ceramic provides flexural strength of 360–400 MPa, making it the ideal high-strength solution for single-unit anterior or posterior crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, screw-retained implant crowns, 3-unit anterior bridges or restorations with minimum preparation dimensions.


Full-cast restorations are the standard for long-term durability of posterior crowns.

Full-Cast Restorations

Full-cast restorations are the standard for long-term durability of posterior crowns. Each yellow gold alloy meets ADA specifications for either “noble gold” or “high noble gold” and exhibits a beautiful, rich color. Plus, the use of CAD/CAM technology results in precise contacts and occlusion. Indications include crowns and 3-unit bridges.


Bruxzing solution for your patients - Prescribe Comfort H/S Bite Splints

Comfort H/S Bite Splints

Comfort H/S Bite Splints can make a world of difference for your bruxing and grinding patients. Two layers make up the Comfort H/S Bite Splint: a 1 mm soft polyurethane inner layer and a 3 mm hard copolyester outer layer. The soft internal surface rests comfortably against the teeth and gums, while the hard occlusal surface provides durability and bonds with acrylic for easy modification.


IPS e.max is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent.